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Welcome to the website of G.M.Hague, (that’s me) otherwise known as Graeme Hague, and to my writing, novels, audiobooks and music.

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Here you’ll find links to my books, many of which are  available as eBooks, some are in paperback (I’m working on that) while some are also in Audiobooks from Audible – AND, it’s good to announce, starting to creep – excuse the pun – onto Spotify and other outlets thanks to Findaway. The audiobooks are growing in number as fast as I can produce them. There’s my own music that I write and record for fun, and my regular blogs that generally manage to offend somebody, somewhere. But hell, I love a good rant (See the BLOGS link in the top menu).

Sometimes you’ll find temporary pages that linked to my latest promotions, maybe competitions, links to my favourite authors and musicians… hell, I don’t know. Have a look around and see what you find.

IMPORTANT NOTE! I say “many of my books are available…” I’ve recently been given back the publishing rights to my Backlist Novels (see menu on the right), which means I can republish them under my own name – brilliant! Great news. However, it means some of them are temporarily unavailable until I repackage them into new titles, create covers, format them … and so on. If you’re after any of these books, send me an email and I’ll give you an update.

Otherwise, feel free to drop me a line at mailbag@graemehague.com.au or you can comment on any of my blogs, and the interweb thingy will tell me you’ve had something to say.