Okay, I’m back at it.

All right, this is it- new year 2011 where I embrace all the internet “culture” and start using this stuff properly to promote my books, my eBooks, my music and a neat thing called “The Guerrilla Guide to Home Recording”, of which there will be a new edition this year. I’m also going to build a house (yes, a house)… well, the builders will make it to “lock up” meaning four walls, a roof and doors to keep burglers out- then I do the rest. I expect within 8-12 months we’ll have a fantastic new house filled with all the things Lisa and I need (power outlets everywhere- yay!) and… we’ll probably be divorced from the stress of it all.

Without doubt, I’ll expect there will be plenty of blogs under the “I’m Annoyed” category… no, hang on. I suspect it will be worth a category of its own.

So without further ado, let’s get some shit happening here.

After I have a beer… then I’ll do something.

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