Doctor Who Dares?

Okay, for a laugh I’ll add my voice to the chorus of comment on the latest Dr Who episode — the 50th anniversary. Ever since Russell Davies took over and resurrected Dr Who the show has often been burdened with an over-arching story line, a plot-within-a-plot a bit like The X Files where each weekly episode possibly — but not always — also contributes to some kind of grand conspiracy. Back in the old days the Doctor dropped into the 18th century, or maybe Mars, got into some deep shit, escaped and all was good (although I also remember there was regularly a cliff-hanger ending, but never a season-long story line). So this final episode that posits that Gallifrey wasn’t destroyed after all is a big call in the overall scheme of Dr Who stories. It flies in the face of 50 years of Dr Who mythology — that he’s the last remaining Time Lord. As a writer, would you dare fool around with a 50 year legacy?
I was thinking it was a very brave call indeed, but then I figured, “After fifty years, what the hell else are you going to do?”
Can you imagine any other show, book or story that has 50 years of scripted history to remain faithful to? Huge task! So go for it, I say.
As for the document-drama afterward the poor bugger who brilliantly acted and resembled William Hartnell was obviously born for the role. Who knew all that shit went down? However, the brief glimpse of his successor… Not even close. Never mind.
No offence, but the new Doctor being a bit older should get rid of the sexual tension that’s been hanging around for the last few series. It was a bit un-Doctor like, if a lot of fun, but maybe also getting a little complicated. The Amy Pond/Rory thing was getting a bit weird really. Don’t get me wrong — Clara Oswald is fantastic. She will be a crowd favorite for years, I suspect. Gets my vote.

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