My First Lukas Boston Book Is Available

The Good The And The UnGodly Cover 1

A new ebook, my first Lukas Boston novella, The Good, The Bad And The UnGodly is available. Must say, I haven’t had so much fun writing a book for years.  Here’s the blurb.

Lukas Boston is a private detective who attracts trouble, beautiful women who prefer him tied to a chair, and the kind of investigation jobs that no one else will take on. Lukas also has the Gift to see the Dead, but the spiritual world is often more annoying than helpful. When the ghost of a dead drug courier starts visiting Lukas, it reopens a case involving a missing shipment of cocaine. Suddenly everyone wants Lukas to find the hidden, illicit treasure. He’ll be paid very well if he does – and killed if he doesn’t.

The style is modern crime mixed with a kind of dark humour. If you ever watched the movies “Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels” or “Snatch” you should know what I’m talking about. The Good, The Bad And The UnGodly is priced at US$2.99, but it comes up as something like AUS$3.74 in the Australia Amazon store… not sure why it’s not a straight currency conversion. Apparently Amazon charges more for digitally “sending” the book to Oz.  Anyway, you can find it here. If you like the book, please leave a review.

I’ve almost finished the second book in the series, called “Damned If You Do, Hanged If You Don’t” and after editing and book cover designs it should be released in a few weeks. You can sign up for the newsletter, if you’d like to be told when it’s out.

Happy reading!

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