Commercial TV – Give Us A Break Will You?

Broken TV

A quick rant – I’ve got a theory. Television networks purposely broadcast really stupid programs with the intention of attracting a really stupid audience which, in turn, will believe the really stupid advertisements. I mean, it makes sense, right? Most commercials won’t work on any half-intelligent people. We know nothing will ever clean an oven with a single wipe. And that 4WD climbing the hill without any problems? How come the trees are growing at 45% angles? Hmm… We’re treated like idiots by the TV advertising executives. Either that, or they’re only interested in idiots.

Here’s another complaint. Not only the ridiculous high rate of adverts per hour (we suffer the highest rate in the world averaging -yes averaging – 18 minutes per hour), but the amount of times we see the same fucking commercial. Seriously, given a choice I’ll not buy a product that’s been flogged to bloody death on the TV purely out of some grumpy, but understandable principle. Again, you’d think any TV executive with half a brain would know this. Like, don’t annoy your audience, you dicks.

Talking of annoying, my biggest pet peeve of all – companies that use their own children acting as adults to promote adult products. Sure, use kids to advertise kids’ products, but mufflers? Car accessories? I’ve got news for these people. NO ONE ELSE THINKS YOUR CHILD IS CUTE!! Nobody else is going to be so enamored by your sticky little bastard rugrat they’ll be convinced to buy a new set of tyres. Don’t do it. In fact, if you think it’s a good idea to use children in adult commercials, you probably shouldn’t have children. The gene pool is in enough trouble.

By the way, none of the above applies to that advertisement during the footy with the scantily-clad cheer leaders bouncing up and down.

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