Now It’s Unidentified Flying… V-Shaped, Boomerang Thingies.

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Is this a real UFO?

Well, no — it’s actually an artist’s impression of what a very normal, very reliable woman witnessed through her aircraft window above Sao Paolo, Brazil. So normal, she didn’t freak out, but instead calmly drew a sketch while the memory was still fresh. And the folks at The Object Report reckon she might be onto something.

It could be compelling evidence that aliens from another planet have perfected faster-than-light travel, while at the same time being absolutely crap at aerodynamics.

Actually, this V-shape “boomerang” type of UFO is well-documented. Versions of it have been reported for decades. Your basic, boring ol’ flying saucer design is so last year’s model it’s not funny.

There is a sensible explanation for this. UFOlogists and supporters of interplanetary travel in general have believed for a long time that aliens visit other planets by flying through worm holes that transcend time, space and all those road works where the local councils always seem to be fixing a perfectly good piece of fucking road. These worm holes shift through space, kind of like a vacuum cleaner tube floating in the ocean, and the entry and exit points constantly change.

Which means that back in the 1960’s or so, we were being visited by aliens from the planet Splodge where they built saucer-shaped space craft. Now, in 2015 and with the worm holes somewhere totally different, we’re seeing visitors from the planet Splunge where they prefer V-shaped rockets (except they don’t use anything so archaic as “rockets”).

It’s wrong to be so dismissive about the existence of UFO’s and aliens. I have no doubt they are real — there’s got to be countless other planets with intelligent life. The only sensible argument involves how we might ever bump into each other, given the odds of time and distance. We should remember that 150 years ago getting off the ground at all was considered impossible. Today, Richard Branson will flog you an airline ticket to the moon.

Besides, again you have to take into account the numbers game — just like the “Are ghosts real?” question. Over nearly five millennia from the ancient Egyptians scratching pictures of flying saucers inside the pyramid’s toilet cubicles to a very reliable woman spotting something strange outside an aircraft window, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings. Do you really believe every single one of them is wrong? That’s it’s not possible that one — just one — might be genuine? Because that is all it would take. That a single UFO sighting during a period of over 5000 years of not-so-close encounters… is real.

We are not alone. Aliens are among us. They’re shite at aerodynamics, so maybe not so advanced after all. I’ll bet their ray-guns are rubbish, too.

Check out the full story at It’s a cool site!

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