The Lukas Boston Mysteries
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Lukas Boston, Private Detective, also gets visits from The Dead… which is just annoying mostly. He’s much happier being visited by beautiful women.

Lukas Boston is a character who combines all the fun things I’ve been doing over the years – a slice of my ghost story writing, an even bigger slab of the crime and thriller stuff, plus I’ve mixed in some of the dark humour that my friends and family have been urging me to write for years. The end result is the Lukas Boston Mystery books and novellas that I’ll be regularly publishing as ebooks. Why the novellas instead of always full novels? At first, simply because it lets me write and work on a great idea and finish it within a comparatively short space of time, then I can move on to the next one. Full-length novels can take longer to write, edit and publish, which means my readers have to wait a long time between books. Having said that, Paid In Fool is what’s considered a full-length book these days.

Lukas is a caricature of everyone’s favourite idea of a private investigator. An ex-police detective who quit the force to avoid a scandal, Lukas is ridiculously good-looking and knows it, believing every woman must find him irresistible (and many do, while the rest kick him in balls). He’s clever, witty and fearless, not mention a little arrogant and full of himself. To help things along, Lukas has inherited a fortune from his father, leaving Lukas financially free to do what he does best – chase down criminals, beautiful women, and keep out of the gun sights of the bad people who don’t appreciate Lukas’ successful, crime-busting career. And to top it off, Lukas has a unique gift born from his grandmother’s gypsy blood to see and sometimes talk with spirits from the Afterlife. Unfortunately, these ghosts are usually more annoying than helpful, often pestering Lukas to right some wrong and providing clues that are less than clear.

Other colourful characters join Lukas in these stories: such as a one-legged hooker, a computer nerd who never leaves his gaming console, an unhappy landlady who finds Lukas permanently disappointing, and a gorgeous crime boss who insists that Lukas provide her the sexual experience of a lifetime – and promises to smash his kneecaps if he doesn’t deliver.

Four books are out there, with the first two in audiobook format, and I’ve made them available in my new, awesome audiobook delivery system as explained here. If you’d like to listen to A Killer Groove and Paid In Fool in audiobook format, please let me know in the comments below. I’m currently scheduling and prioritising my audiobook productions, and if the series grows further in popularity I’ll be fast-tracking the audiobooks.

Lukas Boston Dead Wrong 2021  Lukas Boston Hung Out To Die 2021  Lukas Boston Killer Groove 2021  Lukas Boston Paid in Fool 2021

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