The Lukas Boston Mysteries (Writing as Logan May)
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Lukas Boston, Private Detective, also gets visits from The Dead… which is just annoying mostly. He’s much happier being visited by beautiful women.

I write my Lukas Boston Mysteries under the pen name Logan May, because I wanted to keep them separate from my horror writing and, to be honest, it makes things less complicated when it comes to marketing and promotions.

Lukas Boston is a character who combines all the fun things I’ve been doing over the years – a slice of my ghost story writing, an even bigger slab of the crime and thriller stuff, plus I’ve mixed in some of the dark humour that my friends and family have been urging me to write for years. The end result is the Lukas Boston Mystery books and novellas (the novellas are around 100 pages or about one third the size of a “normal” book) that I’ll be regularly publishing as ebooks. Why the novellas instead of always full novels? At first, simply because it lets me write and work on a great idea and finish it within a comparatively short space of time, then I can move on to the next one. Full-length novels can take longer to write, edit and publish, which means my readers have to wait a long time between books! I’m planning to release a new Lukas Boston ebook every six weeks or so. But I’ve got a great idea for a full length book and I’ll write that, too.

Lukas is a caricature of everyone’s favourite idea of a private investigator. An ex-police detective who quit the force to avoid a scandal, Lukas is ridiculously good-looking and knows it, believing every woman must find him irresistible (and many do, while the rest kick him in balls). He’s clever, witty and fearless, not mention a little arrogant and full of himself. To help things along, Lukas has inherited a fortune from his father, leaving Lukas financially free to do what he does best – chase down criminals, beautiful women and keep out of the gun sights of the bad people who don’t appreciate Lukas’ successful, crime-busting career. And to top it off, Lukas has a unique gift born from his grandmother’s gypsy blood to see and sometimes talk with spirits from the Afterlife. Unfortunately, these ghosts are usually more annoying than helpful, often pestering Lukas to right some wrong and providing clues that are less than clear.

Other colourful characters join Lukas in these stories: such as a one-legged hooker, a computer nerd who never leaves his gaming console, an unhappy landlady who finds Lukas permanently disappointing and a gorgeous crime boss who insists that Lukas provide her the sexual experience of a lifetime – and promises to smash his kneecaps if he doesn’t deliver.

Four books are now available individually. More are planned in the near future.

Mystery Lukas Boston Dead WrongUS $2.99


 The Story…

“The first time anyone encounters a ghost it helps to be wearing some pants. Wearing anything really, but pants is a good start.”

Lukas Boston is a private detective who attracts beautiful women, annoying ghosts and murder investigations no one else will take on. He’s also caught the attention of a sniper, who is getting closer to Lukas with every shot.

Thanks to his grandmother’s gypsy blood, Lukas has the Gift to see the Dead, but the spirit world only brings him trouble. When the spectre of a dead drug courier starts visiting Lukas, it reopens a case involving a long-missing shipment of cocaine. Word gets out on the street that Lukas somehow has fresh clues and suddenly everyone wants Lukas to find the stolen drugs. Some people will pay Lukas very well if he does – and others will kill him, if he doesn’t.

Welcome to the world of Lukas Boston, a place filled with crime, sex, ghosts and Lukas’ very annoyed landlady.

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Mystery Lukas Boston Hung Out To Die US$2.99

The Story…

“The last time I saw him, he looked a lot healthier. Not so… blue around the face, if you know what I mean.”

This is Lukas Boston’s expert opinion of Edward Rewold, who is discovered hanged in an abandoned warehouse and has a puzzling cryptic message —Lukas’ name painted on the corpse’s feet.

Lukas Boston is a private detective who attracts beautiful women, annoying ghosts and murder investigations no one else will take on. Now a greedy corporation believes that sending Lukas to the bottom of the harbour is the best solution to stop him poking his nose in its illegal business. But Lukas has unexpected help — Rewold’s ghost tells Lukas to search for his missing socks.

For a change, someone is only trying to drown Lukas, while somebody else decides to beat him to death with a pool cue. Normally, bad people want to shoot him. But the good times don’t last forever…

Welcome to the world of Lukas Boston, a place filled with crime, sex, ghosts and exploding fish & chip shops.

Mystery Lukas Boston Killer GrooveUS$2.99

The Story…

“The air stank of spilled alcohol, body odour and a faint whiff of vomit – and now something else. The smell of burnt flesh. Killing the bass player in the middle of a song will ruin most shows.”

Someone is killing off vintage hard rockers Constant Black one by one and while the social media attention means the band’s popularity is going through the roof, it’s running out of members to play the songs.

Lukas Boston is a private detective who attracts beautiful women, annoying ghosts and murder investigations no one else will take on. Now Lukas has to find out who is murdering the musicians, discover where the priceless tapes of a secret recording session are hidden, and avoid a pair of murderous drug dealers.

A beautiful ghost called Jasmine only provides cryptic clues. Sleeping with the enemy might help and the Flower Girls pop group certainly agree — Lukas is the best thing to walk through the door in weeks, but competition between the girls is fierce.

Welcome to the world of Lukas Boston, a place filled with sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and murder — where bass players are expendable.

Mystery Lukas Boston Paid in FoolUS $2.99

The Story…

A big, bad gambling debt, a politician who’s more interested in having lunch than running the country, and a drug lord’s hired assassin who can kill with a dessert spoon—Lukas Boston’s “simple job” turns as sour as the pork meatballs on Senator Greg Ramsford’s dinner menu, and somehow Lukas is to blame.

His new neighbour is irresistibly gorgeous, but her dead boyfriend is the jealous type. Lukas gets involved in a deadly mix of illegal casinos and high government. Failure isn’t an option that will keep Lukas alive and his criminal client prefers progress reports written in blood.

But lethal cutlery and unhappy ghosts are all in a day’s work for Lukas. He’s not so worried… it’s losing his favourite parking space that’s really annoying.

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