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I’m Back … I Think!
When The Ghosts Return Ebook Cover

A new book! Well, not really … kind of… read on.

Okay, this is a blog a little bit different from my usual unhinged rants and weird reviews. Instead, I’m hoping to be … bloody hell, can you believe informative? At least, about what I’m doing lately.

First of all, I’ve done the unthinkable (for some) and re-released “Ghost Beyond Earth” under a new name, “When The Ghosts Return”, and with a new cover design. Heresy, I know, but the reality is in this crazy, 21st century world of social media advertising that you need everything to have an impact …. well, now. In fact, NOW!!!! And I wanted a title that lent itself to SEO, keywords and that video clock-thingy website. You can buy it from Amazon here as an ebook or a paperback. Warning, I have little control over the price of the paperback beyond what Amazon charges for printing and delivery, and being over 160K words it gets a little pricey.

Next, the Great Experiment about selling audiobooks direct from my website has kind of fizzled out. The subscription model of sites like Audible and Kobo is hard to beat, so I’ve backed off from selling direct until better strategies come along.

Good news – my books “And In The Morning” and “At The Going Down Of The Sun” have been doing so well that I’ve finally decided to write a new novel in the same style. It’s in the early planning stages right now, but I can tell you that it’ll involve Liverpool in 1942-43, the Western Approaches Tactical Unit (WATU) a clever heroine who takes on the world and the war … and a couple of blokes lusting after the aforementioned heroine. Chuck in some aerial dogfights, a few torpedoes, lots of war action, warm English beer and inedible wartime rations … and you’ll have the idea.

I’m pushing my horror books and audiobooks hard, trying to reach a new audience, so if you’ve got the time please visit my dedicated “Featured Books” web page here and spread the word.

I’ll try to blog more in my usual style … being annoying and cynical. I do enjoy it, and there’s been a whole bunch of new stuff on streaming services I think that are worth my discerning, well-informed opinion and criticism.

Don’t hesitate to say hello in the comments. For those on my mailing list, it’d be good to know who are actually real people and not just bot-generated, trolling, imaginary … virtual thingy people.


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