Death Wish

 Death Wish Paranormal PDF DEATH WISH: A Paranormal Tale.


The Story …

What if you innocently, desperately wished for the impossible and it came true? Really impossible, like bringing your husband back from the dead? No one warned Linda that something dreadful was listening, waiting for the chance, feeding off her grief. When the Dead come back to life it’s never going to be good, no matter who it is.

Author’s Introduction.

When someone or something comes back from the dead, usually it’s because of some evil intent by a malicious demon or ghost — or the devil himself has been disturbed. You didn’t ask for it. Then again, sometimes people make stupid mistakes by dabbling with things best left alone like Ouija boards and séances.

For this story it came to me one day — what if you just innocently, desperately wished for something impossible and it came true? With the confusion of your grief and loneliness over the loss of a loved one, you didn’t really understand what you were saying. Worse, you didn’t know that something dreadful was listening, waiting for a chance.

Then things could get really bad, because it’s nothing like Patrick Swayze helping out with Demi Moore’s pottery fetish while a ghostly Whoopi Goldberg cracks jokes in the background. 

Let’s face it, when the Dead come back it’s never going to be good, no matter who it is.

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