Exposed: My Latest Thriller Novel




For a limited time the eBook is priced at just US$2.99 and AUS$3.99. I’ll be putting it back to US$5.95 at the end of the month, so get in now! Sorry, I can’t discount the paperback. That’s determined by printing costs.

I have just reduced the price (8th January) and some stores may not show this for 48 hours.

Okay, that’s step one – you’ve arrived at this page probably through a social media advert. Now I just have to convince you to buy the damned book! Not easy in these days of freebies, 0.99 cent books, and a zillion other giveaways.

In my favour, you might notice on this website that I’ve written a few books in my time and several have entertained a large number of readers such as At The Going Down of the Sun and And In The Morning. There’s also Missing Pieces which sold over 100,000 copies in Germany and Australia – but you wouldn’t know it here because I’ve re-released it under my own publishing name and as far as online book vendors are concerned, it’s “new”.

But to the task at hand – selling you on Exposed.

Exposed is my latest psychological thriller, and it’s a kind of what’s called an “Outback Noir” novel.  I say “kind of” because not all of Australia’s remote regions are desolate, desert, dusty places in the middle of nowhere. Exposed is set in the southwest of Australia where enormous forests abound, it’s cold and wet in winter … but you’re still in the middle of nowhere.

It’s the story of a woman called Jordan May. She’s a survivor, a woman with a dark secret she’s desperate to keep and a troubled past Jordan doesn’t want revealed. She’s determined to escape it all by moving to the sleepy forest town of Kendrick where no one will recognise her, and she can start a life again. She prefers to be alone, except Jordan is attractive and single, and in a small town … you can guess the rest, and yes, it includes dashing, handsome suitors who are impossibly single. That’s fiction for you.

Kendrick has its own secrets buried among the trees, victims of a killer who preys on young travellers passing through the picturesque valley.

Jordan’s daughter, April, also flees the city to avoid an abusive relationship, appearing unexpectedly on her mother’s doorstep. It could be a blessing, a chance to rebuild the broken bonds between Jordan and April.

Then the frightening, shocking events of one night turn Jordan’s world upside-down, threatening to expose her past and destroy everything, including putting her daughter at dreadful risk. And the serial killer senses in Jordan’s dilemma an opportunity to deflect the police away from the corpses suddenly being found in the forest – even if it means killing again.

Jordan isn’t someone who gives in to fears and intimidation easily. She’s survived before. However, this time the odds are terrifying, and with April in the home, she’s not the only one in mortal danger.

Will those dark secrets save Jordan, or be the death or her?

Exposed is a novel of one woman’s strength and resilience, of accepting the chance at new love when it seemed impossible, and of fiercely protecting your right to live life on your own terms.


To be honest, from a narrative point of view I threw the kitchen sink at Exposed. There’s a little bit of everything including a hint of the supernatural, a slice of forbidden romance, and don’t forget that serial killer. At the book’s heart is Jordan, someone who fights and doesn’t back down even when things look bleak.

The problem with any new book is convincing people to give it a try when it has no ratings, and no reviews, and it’s “ranked” on online outlets at about #four billion for those exact same reasons. So if you decided to check out Exposed and like the book, please leave a rating or review (or even leave a bad one, if that’s how you feel). Ratings and reviews are the lifeblood of authors. It’s available world-wide as an eBook, a paperback, and also in Kindle Unlimited which means for members it’s free. Click on the link below the cover art for a link to Amazon Australia, or if you’re not in OZ, any of the links following will offer to redirect you to the right page.

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