Flat, White and Two Music Duo

Flat, White & Two

James and I 1

Flat, White & Two is the latest reiteration of our musical journey involving myself and James Davies (right). We’ve been mostly on a musicial hiatus for quite some time, years really, because I’ve been struggling to play guitar for any length of time due to nasty stuff happening in my hands. But thanks to drugs (Yay! Let’s hear it for drugs!), in particular genuine CBD oil, we’re starting to venture out again to see what happens.

We play a wide range of music, original  tunes and good ol’ “pub rock” favourites, based on my acoustic guitar and James playing harmonica, and it’s either laid-back and “unplugged”,  as they say, or thanks to backing tracks I record in my studio ( see my music page here) we can get a bit carried away and sound like a twelve-piece heavy metal band on holiday (not really, but you get the idea).

Below are links to a couple of videos, both done in my studio. They’re originals, so we’re not disrespecting anyone’s copyright, but like I said we also do plenty of popular covers. “Take Me Home” is kind of in acoustic mode, while “Fine Wine” uses one of my famous, over-produced backing tracks. Warning! The making of these videos involved lots of beer and bad language. And my beautiful wife, Lisa, occasionally wandering across the front of the camera.

TAKE ME HOME (for video click here)

FINE WINE (for video click here)

James and I 2

If you’d like to know how to hear the duo, or ask about bookings, etc., just leave a Comment below or drop me an email at mail@graemehague.com.au.


This Page also merely provides a “landing page” any material, like songs, cover designs and so on, that need a website address for a link (rather than just attaching something to  a post). If you’ve stumbled across here without following a link I’ve posted elsewhere, try starting here instead.










4 thoughts on “Flat, White and Two Music Duo

  1. Read your four horror novels , I have to admit I got them from from a discount store. Absolutely enjoyed them as good as Graham Masterton and Dean Koontz at their best.

    1. Thanks Andy, great to hear! If you’re into ebooks at all I’ve a “collection” of four stories (they’re by no means short!) in an ebook called “Ghost Tales, Stories of the Dead Among Us”. You can buy it at Amazon (Kindle) or Smashwords. In the meantime all my books you’ve read already have recently been signed to Momentum Publishers, the (Aust) digital arm of Pan Macmillan, so they get another breath of life!
      Thanks again, Graeme.

  2. Wow. I was so surprised when Bronte’s voice started. It sounded far more mature than from a 15 or 16 year old. There is a heap to like about this song. The sparse piano works a treat, the hurried singing of “I guess I’ll take the blame” adds a really nice dynamic, the vocal harmonies are gorgeous, the overall sparse arrangement works a treat. Really nice, quite sophisticated in it’s implicity. Good work, Bronte and Graeme!

  3. As I said at the time ,she has “ something” , hope she keeps going and keeps on the “ keyboards “ , as that would help give a n edge over playing a guitar , set her apart and that combined with her talent , well ———hope to hear more from her 👍

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