How To Write An Awesome Enovel


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I’ll be upfront and admit straight away that despite appearances here I’m not any Number One Best-Selling mega-author. Maybe I’m not even a guru. I’m just an author who has written many, many millions of words over the last twenty-five years or so, and you can see the results here on this site. One way or another over half a million of my books made it into readers’ hands. Then the Great Digital Publishing Revolution arrived and midlist authors like myself were the first to be dragged to the gallows. For a few years we all denied what was really happening, then I joined the revolution. I began self-publishing ebooks through Amazon and other outlets. Some titles have done okay, some don’t. That’s how this business works—it’s how publishing has always worked.

What I’m offering in this guide are insights into modern writing and digital publishing based on years of experience, both as a traditional author and a self-published writer. I’ve written a lot of books, posted and read hundreds of threads in several online forums, I’ve been to writing conventions, had lunch with agents and publishers alike, and gotten drunk with writing friends (some who have done way better than me) where a few home truths slipped out.

As you can see here, I’m also a freelance editor and I’ve helped plenty of new writers find their own voice and discover how to refine and polish their manuscripts.

So no, my experience doesn’t make me a Number One Best-Selling writer or a guru, but I can guarantee it means I have something worthwhile to tell you. Even reading about the things I’ve done wrong can help you out. With the self-publishing, I’ve learned stuff, made mistakes, figured things out and—above all else—improved my writing to a whole new level.

Through the editing I realised that so many aspiring writers make the same mistakes over and over again. Mistakes that can be easily avoided.

This guide is all about providing real world, what’s-happening-now, advice on writing and creating your first novel, and self-publishing it digitally as an ebook through online outlets like Amazon, iTunes and Kobo. All the advice on writing and editing, and most of the information about formatting, can be applied to a print edition, but this book is primarily about creating an eNovel. You’ve dreamed about publishing your own books, right? You’ve always wanted to try your hand at writing. The bad news? You’ve got a lot to learn.

The good news—in today’s digital publishing industry there’s nothing stopping you.

Links to the various outlets are below. Before that, I’ve already got my first review!

As an author seeking to self publish I’ve read a number of books on the craft from successful indies. Those works all largely focused on writing from an authors perspective and dealt with things such as better outlining or constructing hooks and plot. The author of this book approaches writing not just from that standpoint but also from the point of view of an editor which offers a whole new dimension of factors to consider. I’m always looking for resources that will help me step up my game and this will.

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