Love Sleeps In The Forest

Love Sleep In The Forest New

James loves the women in his life – he loves them to death. That doesn’t stop them pleading for his affection, hungering for James’ passion, crying out his name – even from the forest, where they lay sleeping after the romance is gone. When James falls in love everything is planned to perfection, every precaution is taken. What could go wrong? From Graeme Hague, the author of the best-selling thriller Missing Pieces, Love Sleeps In The Forest takes you deep into the mind of a serial killer.

Extract From Love Sleeps In The Forest:

A surprised cry from behind made me jump.

I turned and recovered first. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.’

She stood uncertainly, a pile of books in her arms. ‘It’s okay. I didn’t see you, it’s so dark. They should fix the damned car park lights here.’

‘Are you all right?’ My instincts were prickling. I tried to keep my voice calm.

She nodded at her car. ‘I just want to put these on the passenger seat.’

‘Right, of course,’ I said, quickly stepping back.

‘Oh – okay, thanks.’ She moved forward and bent to fit her car key into the door.

‘You’ve been studying?’ I asked.

‘No, I’m the librarian here. I’m taking these home to fix – oh damn!’ The books slid from her arms to the ground. She cursed softly again and crouched to retrieve them.

I leaned forward, reaching. She probably thought I was going to help.


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