Paid In Fool: A Lukas Boston Mystery

Lukas Boston Paid in Fool 2021 Paid In Fool: A Lukas Boston Mystery


If you’d like to listen to Paid In Fool in audiobook format, please let me know in the comments below. I’m currently scheduling and prioritising my audiobook productions, and if the series grows further in popularity I’ll be fast-tracking the audiobooks.

The Story…

A big, bad gambling debt, a politician who’s more interested in having lunch than running the country, and a drug lord’s hired assassin who can kill with a dessert spoon—Lukas Boston’s “simple job” turns as sour as the pork meatballs on Senator Greg Ramsford’s dinner menu, and somehow Lukas is to blame.

His new neighbour is irresistibly gorgeous, but her dead boyfriend is the jealous type. Lukas gets involved in a deadly mix of illegal casinos and high government. Failure isn’t an option that will keep Lukas alive and his criminal client prefers progress reports written in blood.

But lethal cutlery and unhappy ghosts are all in a day’s work for Lukas. He’s not so worried… it’s losing his favourite parking space that’s really annoying.

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