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This Page merely provides a “landing page” any material, like songs, cover designs and so on, that need a website address for a link (rather than just attaching something to  a post). If you’ve stumbled across here without following a link I’ve posted elsewhere, try starting here instead.

Here’s a song I’m sharing with the Headroom crew…

This song is called “Growing Up”, recorded in my studio by Bronte Saunders, who suffers from the grand old age of 15 … or is it 16? I forget. She wrote this and wanted to try the process of recording in a “proper” studio (or failing that, my small room). Bronte plays guitar, ukelele, and piano, and wants to kind of stay away from sounding too mainstream. I talked her into using a click-track and later added drums with Native Instruments “Session Drummer”, and a real bass line using my Fender Lite and beer. Obviously the future of music isn’t entirely bleak.

If you’d like to leave any encouraging comments, posting them here is the best way for Bronte to see them.

2 thoughts on “Promotions Material

  1. Read your four horror novels , I have to admit I got them from from a discount store. Absolutely enjoyed them as good as Graham Masterton and Dean Koontz at their best.

    1. Thanks Andy, great to hear! If you’re into ebooks at all I’ve a “collection” of four stories (they’re by no means short!) in an ebook called “Ghost Tales, Stories of the Dead Among Us”. You can buy it at Amazon (Kindle) or Smashwords. In the meantime all my books you’ve read already have recently been signed to Momentum Publishers, the (Aust) digital arm of Pan Macmillan, so they get another breath of life!
      Thanks again, Graeme.

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