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This Page merely provides a “landing page” any material, like songs, cover designs and so on, that need a website address for a link (rather than just attaching something to  a post). If you’ve stumbled across here without following a link I’ve posted elsewhere, try starting here instead.

This is an audiobook sample of Part One of a short novel written by the very talented  Bryce James, and narrated by myself. Feel free to have a listen and let us know what you think. There’s also a direct link to download it, if you prefer to listen through your own media player. It’s a straightforward mono MP3 file. If you’ve come here from Reddit or somewhere similar,  comments and feedback on the forum will probably help better, or why not both? Thanks for listening.








4 thoughts on “Just “Stuff” and Music

  1. Read your four horror novels , I have to admit I got them from from a discount store. Absolutely enjoyed them as good as Graham Masterton and Dean Koontz at their best.

    1. Thanks Andy, great to hear! If you’re into ebooks at all I’ve a “collection” of four stories (they’re by no means short!) in an ebook called “Ghost Tales, Stories of the Dead Among Us”. You can buy it at Amazon (Kindle) or Smashwords. In the meantime all my books you’ve read already have recently been signed to Momentum Publishers, the (Aust) digital arm of Pan Macmillan, so they get another breath of life!
      Thanks again, Graeme.

  2. Wow. I was so surprised when Bronte’s voice started. It sounded far more mature than from a 15 or 16 year old. There is a heap to like about this song. The sparse piano works a treat, the hurried singing of “I guess I’ll take the blame” adds a really nice dynamic, the vocal harmonies are gorgeous, the overall sparse arrangement works a treat. Really nice, quite sophisticated in it’s implicity. Good work, Bronte and Graeme!

  3. As I said at the time ,she has “ something” , hope she keeps going and keeps on the “ keyboards “ , as that would help give a n edge over playing a guitar , set her apart and that combined with her talent , well ———hope to hear more from her 👍

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