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From Cover to Cover

I used to think that ebooks and electronic publishing were going to change a lot of things about the industry – and for sure, a lot of things have changed. But I was surprised to realise just how much more important a good title and a great Ebook cover have become. That’s kind of the opposite to what I’ve been expecting, since you also get a chance to sample the book, surf the website, read reviews… I’ve been thinking that titles and covers had been relegated to a very secondary role.
When you browse a bricks and mortar bookshop with printed books there’s the time and the joy of checking the covers, reading the blurb on the back… Actually picking up the book, right? When you’re browsing Ebook titles on a web page, especially on a tablet device, the book cover and title get about 1/10 of a second look-in, before your mind becomes interested or you reject the novel out of hand.
Good grab-you-by-the-eyeballs book covers and intriguing titles are an absolute must, if you want to compete on the virtual bookshop shelf. Its all about getting someone’s attention almost instantly, before you lose the opportunity. You don’t get a second chance.
Food for thought…