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My new ebook gets a page of its own… and I’m getting greedy

If you look to the left you’ll see I’ve created a new page for my new ebook, “Life And Other Annoying Interruptions”. It tells you a bit more about the book and how, and why, I wrote it. There are also links to Amazon and Smashwords, if you’d like to buy a copy. If you do, I’m always keen to hear what you think or, even better, leave a review or comment where you bought the book (oh, the power of the internet reviewer- we live in fear).

I’ve also repriced all my books up to $1.99 each, including this new release. Selling them for 99 cents was an experiment that had next to no impact on sales… people seem prepared to pay any reasonable amount for a good book and it’s time I put a bit more value on nearly twenty years work. At the same time, I’m cool with acknowledging some of these titles were first published in the 1990s and shouldn’t be at some kind of “full” price.

Graeme Hague, July 25th 2012