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The Devil's Numbers for Web


This cover is great although it kind of represents only half the story, which begins with a bunch of witchcraft and sorcery from centuries ago. Then the narrative shifts to the modern day, super-computers and a sort Ghost In The Machine theme. Oh, and there’s a haunted German U-Boat from World War 1 – a part of the novel that’s based on a true story. You can find out more on my The Devil’s Numbers page here.


I’ve added two more of my And In The Morning soundtrack songs to Soundcloud. One is the first of two “overtures” for the novel which originally once meant to be a kind of ambient music accompaniment for reading the book, but it turned out more like a progressive rock opus. Feel free to do other stuff as you listen – it’s fourteen minutes long! The second song (three of nine have been posted so far) is Lost and Alone, which Ellen Dixon sang for me. Check out the awesome job she did with absolutely no rehearsal or idea what I was going to ask her to do! The best way to find the songs is through the And In The Morning setlist here https://soundcloud.com/graeme-hague/sets

My “And In The Morning” soundtrack

I’ve started uploading the tracks to my soundtrack, “And In The Morning” which, of course, accompanies the book of the same name. I’ve been working hard on remixing and re-recording some of the songs (I started the project when the print version was originally released) but I fell into the trap of trying to work on too much music at the same time. You go deaf to the subtleties of the mix, balance, overall mastering… so I’m checking the songs and uploading them one day at a time. Here’s a link to the playlist (Soundcloud’s version of an album, I guess). Hope you like it.