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Voices of Evil new cover

Voices Of Evil for WebHere’s the new Momentum cover for Voices of Evil. The general storyline is about a man who is haunted by ghosts of Gallipoli soldiers, so you can see how Momentum have layered in images from the trenches and the sniper’s crosshairs on the skull. Awesome!


New eBook Deals!

I’m really happy to announce that I’ve been signed on to Momentum Publishers (the Australian digital publishing division of Pan MacMillan) for all of my backlist of novels and they’re slated for a full release in October. Exciting times indeed! We’re talking here about all four of my horror novels, Ghost Beyond Earth, A Place To Fear, Voices Of Evil and The Devil’s Number, plus my two crime novels Missing Pieces and A Clean Kill, and finally And In The Morning which is my historical war novel. Momentum is currently digitising the books and creating new covers. There is a small downside to the announcement – quite rightly in respect of the deal I’ve withdrawn all these books from Amazon and Smashwords, so anyone interested in purchasing them will have to wait until October. That’s not too far away…

Thanks to my agent Selwa Anthony and, of course, Momentum for creating this great opportunity. I’m looking forward to working with Momentum. They’re a super-professional crew who love writing and books in all forms. You can’t ask for more than that!

The best of writing and reading to all,

Graeme Hague.