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I Think I’ve Kicked the Hobbit Habit

Because it was my birthday last week, plus I did a heap of work for the Blues Festival (earning a bit of cash) I decided to treat myself to a new Blu-Ray DVD player/PVR HD Recorder. Of course, once it was all plugged in and set up, the first thing I did was go down to the video store and look for a Blu-Ray title that would show off the high def’ picture and all that… and I found The Hobbit.
Now, I read The Hobbit a long time ago, but I still remember it as more of a fairy tale rather than the epic saga that’s LOTR. And the main villain is a dragon sitting on a pile of gold — albeit a dragon that bears no resemblance to the one in Shrek.
Two and a half hours of gratuitous sword-slashing, Orc-stabbing and lobbing-off-heads later the movie kind of ground to a halt without actually sighting the bloody dragon and… we’re only half-way through the damned book!
Okay, I know that The Hobbit was always going to be split across two movies and after LOTR I shouldn’t be surprised — but the novelty of LOTR helped you get through the long movies. Now I’m starting to suffer Hobbit Fatigue. No doubt I will watch The Hobbit PT II, but that bloody dragon better turn up early and be nothing short of f##king spectacular.
God help us, if Peter Jackson ever gets the film rights to The Silmarillion.