The Horror Story Volumes

Classic Horror Story-Telling

As I’ve mentioned in my blogs, I’ve gone back to writing more traditional horror stories – back to my old stomping ground and where I first started out as a published author.

Rather than doing full-length books, I’m keen to do shorter horror stories that examine one central theme. A single tale that’s reminiscent of the short stories I used to read as a kid – classic tales that had cool names like “The Claw” or “The Forbidden Room” (Hmm, sounds like a good idea for a story…). To be honest, I can’t recall who wrote these stories, usually published in anthologies, but I can tell you most were the usual suspects of Edgar Allan Poe, Conan-Doyle and other famous names.

Because these are short stories (although the first four are hardly “short”) the books will be priced only US$2.99 with occasional price drops for promotional purposes. They’ll all be published under the banner “Horror Story: Volume XXX”.

I hope you enjoy them. Presently, they’re temporarily in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program and exclusive to Amazon, but by November 1st 2017 they’ll available iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Googleplay and a few others. Let me know what you think!

When it comes to the AUDIOBOOKS I’m not listing prices here because, seriously, Audible has so many deals, discounts, subscription offers and Whispersync promotions that who the hell knows exactly what price applies to anyone? Just click on the Audible link and you should see a great price – since they’re not full-length books. Links are to Audible US. You may get redirected to your own country’s store.


  US $2.99 Death Wish Audiobook Cover Audible Price.

Amazon US:  Amazon UKApple/iBooks: Barnes & Noble: Kobo:

What if you innocently, desperately wished for the impossible and it came true? Really impossible, like bringing your husband back from the dead? No one warned Linda that something dreadful was listening, waiting for the chance, feeding off her grief. When the Dead come back to life it’s never going to be good, no matter who it is.

The Girl In The Back Seat

The Girl In The Back Seat NewUS $2.99 The Girl in the Back Seat Audiobook Cover Audible Price

Amazon US: Amazon UK:  Apple/iBooks: Barnes & Noble: Kobo:

Giving a ride to a teenage girl hitch-hiking in the middle of nowhere can be a bad idea, especially if they slip into the back seat unseen — because they’re a lost and troubled spirit condemned to wander the lonely roads forever. Teenagers can be obsessive, angry, unreasonable and possessive, and they’ll fall in love in a heartbeat. Being dead doesn’t make any difference. Darren and Jean Madden should never have opened the car doors that night when their Ford mysteriously broke down.

Footprints In The Snow

Footprints In The Snow NewUS $2.99 Footprints in the Snow Audiobook Cover Audible Price

Amazon US: Amazon UKApple/iBooks: Barnes & Noble: Kobo:

It’s 1944 and through desperation, sheer luck and the worst winter storms in living memory Hitler’s forces have successfully attacked and forced the Battle of the Bulge, a fierce offensive inside the dense Ardenne Forest. Then the weather brings both sides to halt, the armies in danger of freezing to death. A German patrol led by the hardened and dangerous Sergeant Muller knocks on the door of a remote abbey and demands that the sisters provide food and shelter for his men. He won’t take no for an answer, but Muller should questioned why the abbey wasn’t on any maps, how the war had somehow left the forbidding place untouched — and asked himself why the Holy Order of nuns inside showed no fear. Beyond the walls are the deadly storm, the dark forest and the enemy. Trapped inside the abbey, Muller and his men have got much worse, evil things to survive.

The Devil’s Net

 US $2.99 The Devil's Net Audiobook Cover Audible Price

Amazon US: Amazon UK:  Apple/iBooks: Barnes & Noble: Kobo:

The blessing of the fishing fleet is more than a ritual. It’s God’s protection from the demons of the sea. Captain John Boston has no time for God and blessings anymore. The church has betrayed him, the local priest refusing to protect his sister from a violent husband, while his wife is seriously ill. His boat the Cormorant hasn’t had much luck this season and some people are whispering that God has turned his gaze from John Boston too, because he wouldn’t accept the priest’s traditional blessing. Now the Cormorant is sailing one last time to try and fill its holds with fish. There’s more than bad weather and empty nets waiting for them. The devil has a boat of his own and he’s out on the cold ocean, trawling for dead men and their souls.

The Hangman’s Ghost

The Hangmans Ghost US $2.99: The Hangman's Ghost Audiobook Cover AUDIBLE PRICE

Amazon US: Amazon UK: This book will available at other outlets November 1st 2017.

Jacob Good was a man who could expect to see many ghosts. Angry spirits and the wraiths of men and women filled with hate for Jacob, parading their soured souls in front of him, surrounding Jacob with their rage.
After all, Jacob had killed a lot of people.
As the Principal Hangman at Willengarten Prison it was Jacob’s responsibility to dispatch the condemned prisoners to the next world. All the guilty should be hanged.
Now one of those ghosts has appeared as Jacob is about to retire, taunting him, demanding that Jacob make sure the last guilty murderer doesn’t miss their appointment with Jacob’s noose.

Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story BetterUS $2.99 Bedtimes Story Audiobook Cover WAITING ACX APPROVAL

Amazon US: Amazon UK: Apple/iBooks: Barnes & Noble: Kobo:

It was just a bed — an ordinary, albeit antique bed for the spare room. Until we learn that a hundred years earlier a woman called Rose, who practised in the occult and dark magic, slept in it. Now Rose’s unhappy spirit comes as part of the deal. Rose’s angry ghost comes with the bed.
Angela and Nathan are a young couple, married only two years before, both of them professionals. They’re happy and in love, although the pressures of modern life can be challenging some days. The antique bed is just right for the spare room in their expensive apartment.
Rose’s spirit doesn’t like happy marriages unless you’re prepared to wed the Devil.
Sleeping in the bed promises erotic dreams with perfect lovers — more passionate and daring than your wife, more considerate and satisfying than your husband. Before long, the dreams are much better than reality.
Three’s a crowd in any relationship even when one person is already dead.


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