The Last Train

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The last train always arrives from out of a thick mist of mystery and fear. The occupants behind the grimy windows are doomed to ride the train forever, as is anyone who chooses to board one of the carriages when it pulls into the station … stopping at the platform and waiting for someone just like you.

Gerald Parker has been a Station Master for most of his career – a career that is being brought to a depressing, early end with staff cutbacks and automated ticket booths looming in the coming months. Gerald’s wife has left him for a man who promises her fun,  and the future for Gerald looks bleak. When a ghostly, haunted train begins to pull into his station in the dead of night, Gerald is too scared to tell anyone in case it hastens his unwanted retirement.  Then the local police start accusing Gerald of being involved in the disappearance of the train’s  most recent passenger. A young woman who stepped aboard from Gerald’s platform, never to be seen again.

The choices that Gerald faces to escape the growing nightmare are few – and none are safe. The one thing he doesn’t ever want to do is buy a ticket to ride on the last train of his life.

The Story…

This is a short audiobook , just over an hour at 68 minutes long, that’s a narration of a story I wrote for Steve Dillon’s anthology “Between The Tracks – Tales From The Ghost Train” published by his imprint Things In The Well. Visit his website and you’ll find great collections of horror stories and standalone novels too. So rather than being inspired by one of my usual “lightbulb” moments to write a new book, Steve asked me to come up with an idea within the framework of the upcoming anthology.

That was a fun challenge, and I hope to do more in the future for Steve, and it’s why I’m not making an ebook version of the story available here. If you’d like to read “The Last Train” rather than listen to the audiobook, it’d be fantastic if you could support his imprint and buy the anthology from his website. By the way, because “The Last Train” was published as a part of that anthology, Audible won’t let me release it as a separate audiobook.

As for the audiobook here, it’s priced very low as an introduction to my other audiobooks for sale on this site.

Who is Awesound?

Awesound is a distributor for digital media that allows me to sell direct to readers and thus  keep the costs down. It’s exactly the same as any other streaming service like Spotify – it’s a streaming service hosting my digital files, right? Not an audiobook seller. Just open an account to access content (you’ll prompted on your first purchase), and that’s it. You don’t need to “join up” for a trial membership, or opt out of any agreement within 30 days. You won’t get emails flogging you other books, or trying to convince you to sign up your friends. Awesound simply processes your payment with absolute security, then you can access the audiobook by streaming it direct from Awesound with a web browser (Awesound has  its own media player) or, even better, by using any podcast app you like (you’ve probably got one already installed with your iOS or Android operating system). You won’t see on the Awesound website a means to download the files to listen offline, but again any podcast app will let you do that. If your podcast app gets confused, the files are named and numbered in such a way that simply dragging them into any media player will ensure they play in the correct order.

Of course, if you have any problems at all, just drop me a line. And the folks at Awesound are really helpful too.