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Finally! I’ve released the first three stories in my Paranormal Tales all together in a “collection” but more importantly as an audiobook. Do you like classic horror stories? Tales about ghosts and ghouls, and things that go nastily “bump” in the middle of the night? Then Three Creepy Tales is for you.

I’ve narrated all three of the stories myself and according to the reviews I’ve done a pretty good job – although a few of my American listeners had to get used to the Aussie accent. Anyway, that’s because as the author, I know exactly what I’m trying to convey in the tale – exactly what’s happening. Not sure? Below, I’ve posted some of the reviews with the links to the individual releases – to be clear, they’re all included in this release.

The audiobook of Three Creepy Tales is available just about everywhere. It’s distributed through Findaway Voices and it uploads to a zillion sites, including of course Audible. What’s really cool is that Three Creepy Tales is also available on Spotify – essentially for free if you have a Spotify membership, and the entire book, although it’s long, still squeezes under the fifteen hour maximum (per month) allowed for listening.

The three stories, Death Wish, The Girl in the Back Seat, and Footprints in the Snow were originally published on Audible as part of my “Horror Story Volumes” Parts I, II & II and I changed the branding to “Paranormal Tales”, so the individual titles and cover images are slightly different … I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Well-written and excellent narration

GM Hague is one of my favorite authors of creepy stories. The story goes from the mundane events of planning a funeral to the disturbing and unsettling thoughts of a grieving widow.
Highly recommended for a great modern horror story.

Careful what you wish for…

This was an original story about what happens when you wish for something just for the sake of wishing. A grieving wife wishes her husband would come back from the dead. Little does she know, that something is listening and grants her wish. She now must learn how to play this game to get her husband to move on to his final resting place. I thoroughly enjoyed this book the concept was new to me and I thought that the writer did an excellent job as did the narrator.

Some Good Horror Fun

If this isn’t a cautionary tale for the old adage “be careful what you wish for” then I don’t know what is! “Horror Story Volume I: Death Wish” is a different kind of short form horror that left me wanting more. One thing I really appreciated about this story is that once the “horror” part of it was established, I thought I guessed what the twist would be and I so often (disappointingly) guess correctly. I was completely wrong about this one and I’m so glad! It’s lovely to be surprised and G.M. Hague does a great job of this. This was a tight, well written, spooky, fun short horror book that I would recommend to any and all horror lovers!

Really good classic ghost story

I came up on YA ghost stories and have found that while larger novels appeal to my (mostly) more mature mind, I do miss a simple haunting with good backstory and creepy moments.
G.M. delivers perfectly here. We have the backstory, we have the creepy ghost with their own agenda, we have creep-factor. On top of all of that though, we also have some fairly interesting characters and world-building that enhance the experience.
The author also delivered a stellar performance. I would definitely listen to more from him.

Don’t pick up hitchhikers!

This is just the sort of ghost story that I love to read! A little campy and predictable, a little creepy, a little humorous and a whole lot of enjoyment! I read this during October and it is perfect for Halloween reading.
Parts of the book are truly creepy, parts are campy and parts are downright sad. G.M. Hague does a great job in writing horror and he does a good job in his narration. Nothing new or really remarkable about the tale, but if you enjoy your horror ala Poe and the Twilight Zone, check out Hague’s series.

Hague at his Best

In my experience, G.M. Hague writes strange, short horror stories and “The Girl in the Back Seat” is no exception! In fact, this story has been my favorite by Hague so far, especially now that I’ve gotten used to his narration (which does indeed require getting used to!). A couple heading off on vacation accidentally picks up an unwanted passenger on a dark, side road and ends up terrorized by a lonely spirit. It was fun to listen to and the spookiness met my expectations for this story. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sort of light horror story that includes some sexual content with ghosts.

Horror Story

This is the first book I’ve listened to by G.M. Hague, but it won’t be the last! This is a great book and the narrator did a great job.

Pretty good ghostly story.

A platoon of WWII German soldiers seeks solace from the winter cold in a French Abbey. Little did they realize that the terror inside the Abbey was worse than the terror of war outside. Will any of them make it back to their lines? A pretty good ghostly story. 

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