The Horror Story Volumes

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Classic Horror Story-Telling, the Horror Story Volumes (Tales of the Paranormal)

Death Wish: A zombie story with a twist.

The Girl In The Backseat: Don’t pick up hitch-hikers.

Footprints In The Snow: War is hell.

The Devil’s Net: Don’t mess with the King of the Sea.

The Hangman’s Ghost: Will you feel the noose around your neck?

Bedtime Story: Is it a dream or a nightmare?

As I’ve mentioned in my blogs, I’ve gone back to writing more traditional horror stories – back to my old stomping ground and where I first started out as a published author.

Rather than doing full-length books, I was keen to do shorter horror stories that examine one central theme. A single tale that’s reminiscent of the short stories I used to read as a kid – classic tales that had cool names like “The Claw” or “The Forbidden Room” (Hmm, sounds like a good idea for a story…). To be honest, I can’t recall who wrote these stories, usually published in anthologies, but I can tell you most were the usual suspects of Edgar Allan Poe, Conan-Doyle and other famous names.

However, a lot of readers and audiobook listeners wanted these stories to be longer (damn it), so you’ll see a trend towards longer books starting with “Class Reunion” (right now, it’s finished but not quite published). Added to this, I’ll explain that I’m kind of old-school when it comes to horror, but in the new publishing universe where sites like Amazon want you to categorise your books an nth degree, some readers have pointed out that my books aren’t really “horror”. Hmmm … okay, so to appease the chainsaw and slasher-flick fans, perhaps you might call these stories “Tales of the Paranormal”. They’re full of ghosts and ghouls, and shit that goes “bump” in the night, but maybe not the sort of hard-core horror that’s around these days.

I hope you enjoy them. You’ll see they’re available at Amazon, but soon for a discount price you can buy them direct from this website as a PDF file or .mobi file, paid for and downloaded from someone like Payhip (I’m still working on this). Anything will read a PDF file, but if you want to read these on a Kindle it’s easy – there are some straightforward instructions here how to do that.

When it comes to the audiobooks, again I’m working on selling them  from this website. You can buy them from Audible, but seriously Audible has so many deals, discounts, subscription offers and Whispersync promotions that who the hell knows exactly what price is offered to anyone? Just click on the Audible link and you should see a price that applies to you – note that links are to Audible US. You may get redirected to your own country’s store.

If you have any hassles or difficulties, just drop me an email at or use the Comment box below. Don’t forget, I’m in Australia and usually on the wrong side of the clock for U.S. and U.K. folks.






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